About Me                                               







My name is Tamara Jones, the artist Behind Black Orchid Gallery . 24 years ago, I married my best friend and biggest fan. Together we have 4 grown boys and 6 beautiful grandchildren. I am truly blessed!

I’ve been painting for most of my life and finally have the time to dedicate myself full-time as a professional artist. I spend my days in the studio painting what I love. I work mainly in acrylic and oil paint. 

I don’t put any restrictions on my choice of subject or the media I use because I love learning new techniques, but I do have a strong preference to nature and wildlife. My home in Southern Oregon is surrounded by beautiful big blue spruce trees. It’s the perfect place for creating. At my feet you’ll find my little studio assistant Bindi, our little Biewer Yorkie. 

I paint because I must. Its part of who I am. As a child, I would watch with fascination as my Grandmother and my uncle put paint brush to canvas and created wonderful art. I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

Imagine opening a door and finding everything you’ve ever wanted, loved, cherished or desired just inside the threshold. All within your reach, but only for a moment. What would you feel? Joy, excitement, pleasure? That’s what art is to me. A moment in my crazy life that provides me with pure joy and freedom. There’s nothing like seeing a blank canvas come to life and knowing you did it, all on your own! You created something from your heart that only you could see, and now it can be shared with the world.